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Total Payroll Management is a specialist in navigating the Florida business climate


As an employer, you can operate from a powerful place of (PEO) leverage from Total Payroll Management’s pool of resources when it comes to insurance rates and accounting services. We can offer our PEO advantage can to release you from the burden of processing payroll paperwork. By allowing our PEO experts to handle employee needs, your company will attract and retain better employees and enhance the success of your business. Running a profitable business takes time and energy.

Total Payroll Management (TPM) brings you the cutting edge resources removing administrative burdens from your plate, allowing you to recover your time, energy and ambition to develop new products, new services, and most importantly, new business opportunities. In addition, we have multiple state coverage specializing in the state of Florida and can assist you in navigating the ins and outs of regulatory requirements for payroll, employees needs.

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They are great to work with. Great contact and the quality of work was exactly what I wanted. I would definitely work with them again and highly recommend them to everyone!


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September, 2015

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