Facemob Facial features detection app

We tell you exactly how beautiful you are!


We tell you exactly how beautiful you are!

Facemob is a face detection/tracking app that provides fast and accurate features of face mapping and facial features detection. Facemob can easily tackle multiple head poses and complicated illuminations.
Facemob has some awesome and cool features you can play with:
* Celebrity Lookalike: Search which superstar, celebrity or sportsperson you face matches with the most.
Facemob will compare each and every individual face element like ears, nose, eyes, mouth, jawline etc. and compare them with a huge database of celebrities to find your closest match.
You can show your friends, family and social-network about your coolness quotient!
Just take a picture or select from your gallery, and Facemob show your celebrity twin.
* Face Comparison: Just select two images to compare, either from your gallery or camera and that's it. Facemob runs over the individual facial features of both the faces, compares the individual components like ears, nose, eyes, jawline details between them and shows the aggregate results as well as the similarity percentage between each individual component as well.
* Facial Features: Facemob will scan all the faces from the image and give you the age, smile percentage, gender, glasses and race information.
* Landmarks: Facemob's facial point detection can locate the key components of faces, including eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. Our technology support extended cover and multi-angle faces, which can handle complex facial expression.


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April, 2016

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